About the Torino Supercross


The first event of ever, organized by SX Pro, will be held inside a very prestigious venue named Pala Alpitour. Since its debut in front of the Italian public, SXPro wants to offer one of the reference events on the European Supercross scene, as well as Bercy and Geneve. Those riders, participating such an event, are great protagonists and can be classified among the best ones in the world. The “Ambassador” of the event will be Ricky Carmichael, the G.O.A.T. (“The Greatest Of All Times”), who will take part at the evening program racing in duels on tracks and with tricks over the freestyle jump. For the two American riders Justin Barcia and Justin Brayton will be an important test race: the last opportunity to fit their physical conditions and increase their speed before the forthcoming beginning of the 2019 USA Supercross season. Important outsiders like Malcom Stewart together with other Top Riders, who are still to be confirmed, will made the 3 finals even more exciting. Angelo Pellegrini is confirmed the leader of the squad of those Italian riders racing.

Large time will be left to Freestyle Motocross during the evening program, with 4 runs of 15 minutes at full speed, divided in Best Whip Contest and Best Trick Contest. The Guest Stars will be the two Californian “bad-boys”: Axell Hodges and Tyler Bereman, famous for their contents on the web and icons of style in their sector. Challengers of the same level will not miss the fight, such as two young Italians Davide Rossi and Leo Fini, who can account several participations at the popular Nitro Circus show.

Supercross and Freestyle Motocross are the two main disciplines able to create a mix of adrenaline and emotions, such an high-level show going to stupefy families and attract the most passionate fans.

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da oggi in vendita i bigl

Aperta ufficialmente la vendita dei biglietti di TORINO SUPERCROSS sia sulla piattaforma ticketone che nei punti vendita […]


Il 15 dicembre al Pala Al

All’interno dell’apprezzata location Pala Alpitour si svolgerà il primo evento organizzato da SX Pro che fin dall’esordio […]

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