Next 15th December in Italy, the show of the great International Supercross at Pala Alpitour in Turin.

The first event of ever, organized by SX Pro, will be held inside a very  prestigious venue named Pala Alpitour. Since its debut in front of the Italian public, SXPro wants to offer one of the reference events on the European Supercross scene, as well as Bercy and Geneve. Those riders, participating such an event, are great protagonists and can be classified among the best ones  in the world. The “Ambassador” of the event will be Ricky Carmichael, the G.O.A.T. (“The Greatest Of All Times”), who will take part at the evening program racing in duels on tracks and with tricks over the freestyle jump.  For the two American riders Justin Barcia and Justin Brayton will be an important test race: the last opportunity to fit their physical conditions and increase their speed before the forthcoming beginning of the 2019 USA Supercross season. Important outsiders like Malcom Stewart together with other Top Riders, who are still to be confirmed, will made the 3 finals even more exciting. Angelo Pellegrini is confirmed the leader of the squad of those Italian riders racing.

Large time will be left to Freestyle Motocross during the evening program, with 4 runs of 15 minutes at full speed, divided in Best Whip Contest and Best Trick Contest. The Guest Stars will be the two Californian “bad-boys”:  Axell Hodges and Tyler Bereman, famous for their contents on the web and icons of style in their sector. Challengers of the same level will not miss the fight, such as two young Italians Davide Rossi and Leo Fini, who can account several participations at the popular Nitro Circus show.

After the heavy loss of Genoa Supercross in fans’ hearts, finally the great return of an International Supercross event in Italy, with high level participants making hotter a cold night before Christmas.

The Organizer: SX Pro is a company born mainly from the passion for Supercross, one of the most spectacular racing disciplines of the Action Sports scenario.

Since 1994 the company named Offroad Pro Racing has collected many successes in the organization of each Genoa Supercross edition, historically the first supercross race in Europe. The union of energies between Alfredo Lenzoni, the former boss of Genoa SX, and Paolo Schneider, manager of the renewing project “Maggiora” and organizer of 2016 Motocross of Nations, is focused on the achievement of important goals.

Paolo Schneider: “It’s wonderful to be back to the organization of a great event, especially because it’s something brand new for me. Supercross is pure adrenaline and had always been a passion for me, maybe even more than Motocross. The return to Italy of such an important event, with top riders and a very new format, is what was necessary to go on in the involvement and entertainment of all the fans and more. We bet all in the show, for the first time Supercross and Freestyle will be at the same level of relevance during a single night event!”

Alfredo Lenzoni: “Leaving home to come to Turin, I need to pass through Genoa! Each time I try not to look behind. It’s not referred to the route, but to the 35 years long story, when I was organizer for 20 years, after having faced the first editions with lack of awareness. Many emotions and records, really difficult to transfer them somewhere else.

Today a new adventure has just started, different but anyway difficult, with the  confidence towards the objective to give the best to the public.

And I – hope I do it”.



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